Gilfillan-House-0001My Experience  When I was a first-time bride, there were so many things I didn’t think about. Not having been to many weddings and certainly not participating in them, I had no idea how much work is involved: not just the bride, but her family, and every person whom she hires! All I thought about was getting married, and photography certainly wasn’t on my mind. So we got what we paid for: a few amateur photos taken by a well-meaning friend. It was no one’s fault but my own. Fast-forward 12 years to my second marriage. I had been single for seven years, dreamed of getting married, prayed to get married, saved to get married! I was definitely investing in quality, professional images this time! I wore my gown once, but those portraits of my family and my husband’s family are FOR LIFE. When we flip through the pages of my album, I smile at the pictures of me and my daughter singing “My Girl” (which we still sing whenever we work a wedding together). I laugh with my nieces over how small they were. I get misty-eyed remembering my BigMama, who is now in Heaven.

My Motivation  I. Love. Stories. I love hearing your story. I am honored to serve you on your wedding day, one of the most special days you’ll have. It’s not just taking pictures: it is showing up early; it’s reassuring you when you’re nervous; it’s keeping you hydrated on an awfully hot Texas afternoon. It’s shooing away guests for a few minutes of privacy with your spouse while we capture that amazing evening light. It’s jumping out on the dance floor and doing “The Dougie” to keep Grandma out there jammin’. It’s keeping your party on schedule and working enthusiastically with everyone, including the precious  two-year-old who does NOT want her pictures taken anymore. I don’t just want you to have amazing pictures–you will for sure!–I want you leaving that night totally blown away by my service, my humor, and my willingness to do whatever it takes to make your wedding day the best it can be. And after your wedding is over, I want you to have a handmade, archival quality album that shows your story. Facebook is not the best way to preserve and show off those images you’ve invested in! Not only will it last your lifetime, but it will be the centerpiece to every anniversary party, and the way you bond with the next generation whenever they come to your house and hunt through your bookshelves the way I used to at my grandmother’s. Think beyond your wedding day. What we are doing together, like your marriage, is for life. Isn’t that worth investing in?

**Due to the uniqueness and emotional value of your investment, I only accept a limited number of events per year. Keep in mind that most weddings and mitzvahs book a year in advance.**
My beautiful portrait was taken by the amazing Bert McLendon who also has an outstanding photo booth for weddings!


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Rachael Hall is an Austin, Texas event photographer specializing in corporate events, b'nai mitzvahs and social events.



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