Spring Break Day 1: Valdosta, GA

I decided to take Hannah on a road trip for spring break. When she was small, age 3 to 5, we often took trips together while her dad studied. It was a great season of life; we built close relationships with extended family members, and Hannah learned how to be a good traveler.

She still is. We drove 2,773 miles in 10 days. We left home at 8:00am on Friday the 11th and pulled back into the driveway at 7:40pm, Sunday the 20th.

Below are some shots from my first day at home (Mom and Dad’s). I’d rented a 24mm tilt/shift lens to play with on the journey. Having never used one before, it got a lot of use on this trip, so forgive what may appear to be excessive use. I was trying to get my money’s worth. 🙂


The tire swing hanging near Mom and Dad’s house.


Their driveway.

One of our favorite places: the view from the bluff, overlooking The Little River. Dad loves this cypress tree.

Good old Louise followed us down to the river.

Coming back, Mom and Dad’s house. I love the light breaking through the trees.

Of course, Hannah had to be my guinea pig. I think she’s beginning to get tired of modeling for me.

Hannah’s good best friend, Megan, lives next door. They met when Hannah was 5 and Megan was 4.

Many more images to post! We spent two days in each location. Hope you’re having a great week!

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