Zach’s Brass Band Bar Mitzvah | Austin B’nai Mitzvah Photography

Zach! You are one heck of an amazing kid. Excuse me, one heck of a man! This was my first time witnessing a b’nai mitzvah ceremony, as photography usually isn’t allowed during the ceremony. However, the Texas Hillel Center is a bit more relaxed.  This venue is conveniently located in the heart of Austin, right next door to one of our iconic street murals, “Hi, How Are You?” Zach’s day was so special. He did a fantastic job reading, singing in Hebrew, and thanking all of his family and friends who have meant so much to him in his life. This guy has overcome adversity most of us, hopefully most of us, will never have to face. And he did it with grace, and hope, and clearly he’s the better man for it. I’ve never seen a person not only hire a kick-ass NOLA style brass band like Boss Street for his party, but also perform with them! Whaaat!! He and his fellow classmates blew the crowd away, literally. This was a great party, and a really special family to serve on such an important day. Mazel tov, Zach! I can’t wait to see what you do next.

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