Gotcha Day: Annagrace’s Adoption

I will be forever thankful that Brooke emailed me asking if there was any way I could be at the Hays County Government Building at 9:30AM on Monday morning. She and her husband, Richard, were officially adopting a sweet baby girl they’d fostered and she wanted to document the occasion and grab a few family portraits after. I don’t know their full story, but I certainly hope I get to hear it one day. It was a blustery, bright and sunny morning in San Marcos, Texas, and it was also Tax Day–April 15th. I made it through security, assuring the sheriff’s deputy that no, those weren’t shotgun shells in my bag, they were double A batteries, and hurried up to the third floor. Brooke, Richard, and a TON of friends and family were waiting outside the courtroom for their appointment.

The whole thing was so fast! Judge McClenahan was a wonderful, warm lady who allowed me to literally hang over her shoulder so I could capture the family member’s expressions as they answered questions by the court for the record. The best moment came when the judge pronounced Annagrace an official member of the Robbins family, and everyone began to clap and cheer. Tiny Annagrace didn’t understand at first, but then she smiled and began to clap and laugh, too! (And if you were wondering, yes the photographer was crying.)

We hurried outside into the gusty, chilly, Texas wind for a few portraits on the steps. As I climbed into my car to make the drive home to Cedar Park, I couldn’t help but think this was probably the best damn Monday morning I’ve ever experienced. I have four cousins by adoption, so it was really special for me to not just document this for Brooke and Richard, but just to see it happen.

Birthdays are great, but “gotcha!” days are even better! Happy Gotcha Day, Annagrace!

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