Sylwia & Lamar: Plaza Lecea, San Antonio Wedding Photography

What a wedding! Sylwia and Lamar had a beautiful, moving ceremony at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church in San Antonio, with the reception at Plaza Lecea. A great place for Polish-style feasting, games, dancing, and plain old fashioned celebrating! These guys know how to party. Sylwia’s parents, indeed all of her family, are still back in Poland, but her precious aunt who is a nun, stepped in and put this wedding together. She did ALL of the flowers herself. ALL of them. She was there for her bridal session. She participated in Communion. She orchestrated the Polish tradition of bread and salt at the reception, along with Lamar’s parents. I am in love with this sweet woman. She just radiated kindness all day long. This day had a kind of “Sound of Music” feeling to it all day long, to me, I guess mostly because of the nuns singing so beautifully during Mass. I kept waiting for “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria” to break out. It was that kind of special.

Sylwia and the girls got dressed at the convent. My first time being in a convent! So cool. Very peaceful and beautiful.Polish Tradition Number 1: the groom has to convince the bridesmaids to let him have the bride! Lamar had to speak Polish in a satisfactory manner. Apparently he passed with flying colors.It’s hard to sit still that long sometimes.We jetted off in the limo for some quick portraits at The Japanese Tea Gardens. What a gorgeous, perfect day we had!Polish Tradition Number 2: LOTS of dessert. LOTS. I nearly fell out. And yes, Dear Auntie had to-go boxes for everyone, including the photographers!The Bread and Salt. Not sure what it means, but it was neat to watch. I know it’s when the parents bless the newly wedded couple.Polish Tradition Number 4: LOTS of GOOD FOOD. LOTS and LOTS.And my favorite part of the night, the games. Polish weddings do games! Lamar had to feel the knee of each lady, and tell which one was his bride. But we switched it up a bit. And Lamar didn’t get it right the first time, hilariously.But the second time he did!Sylwia’s turn. She had to feel the nose of each man, and yes this sweet baby girl wanted to participate, so they let her.Sylwia KNEW her man! Right the first time. =)Polish Tradition Number…?? DANCING. LOTS of dancing!!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Scholze!

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