Georgia on My Mind | Photos from the Road

Summer is the traditional time of travel for Americans; school is out, it’s hot, and the beach is calling. The hubs and I spent two weeks doing back-to-back family reunions. The first was in St. Augustine, Florida, with my mother’s family. Then we flew from Jacksonville to Atlanta, rented an Audi Q5 and drove to Toccoa, Georgia. First of all, I am in love with Audi. My sister had a fit when I texted her photos of it; it is her dream car. And no wonder! I instantly wanted to trade up. I took the freedom of my own wheels that week and drove down meandering north Georgia highways, passing through tiny towns like Commerce and Clarkesville, Sautee Nachooee and Helen. Here are a few images I captured when I felt like pulling over…Georgia has tons of history, and a LOT of crumbly, old structures that folks seem fine with leaving to stand until they fall. I’ve never understood why. I’m always filled with curiosity when I see an abandoned house: who lived there? Why did they leave? Why wasn’t the house sold? The grand old mansions built in the early 1900’s are destined to become bed and breakfast establishments, like the one in Toccoa where we usually stay. A few of these images are from my aunt’s farm in Bowen, GA. She has a lovely place tucked into the edge of some woods. We had a short hike before a soft rain began to fall. I wish I could have photographed more, but after all, I was there to be with family, not piddling down the road in a luxury SUV. Also, I noticed for the first time, the prevalence of chicken farms. So in case you’ve never seen one, now you will. From afar. No smells included. The final couple of images are the Stephens County Courthouse, a nice, stately building smack in the middle of downtown. It was my last evening there, and I was bored, so I took a stroll. Not a soul was out, but the setting sunlight was so lovely through the pine trees. Small town in the South go to bed early. Enjoy!

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